Continuing studies programme

Studying while working

These programmes are aimed at all those who wish to study while working, have a flexible course schedule or earn additional qualifications.

We offer individual modules, certificate programmes and master’s degrees in energy, sustainability and environment with a focus on STEM-subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) (in Germany: MINT-subjects).

Our range of continuing studies courses

Our programmes follow flexibleblended learning concepts that optimally combine various methods of imparting knowledge. educational alliance

Who we are

The educational alliance is a group of universities and research institutions with the aim to design and develop continuing studies programmes in the STEM-subjects with a focus on sustainability, environment and energy.

More information on the educational alliance

The educational alliance stands for quality and practical relevance. We achieve this by quality and practical relevance. We achieve this by

  • using modern didactical concepts that combine practical requirements and scientific knowledge and
  • applying comprehensive quality standards.

More information on our quality standards here to go to the project pages ...

Information & Services

For companies & training providers

We provide a range of services ,to companies and higher and other educational institutions, such as:

  • consulting services on possibilities of award of credit, quality management, instructional design, etc.
  • workshops and seminars on issues like online learning environments, mentoring, target group orientation, etc.
  • development of new continuing studies programmes

Offers for companies and education providers